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  • A Healthier You

    By targeting cancer directly our treatments allow patients to live as normally as possible during - and after - treatment.
  • Sophisticated Equipment

    PET/CT imaging is a non-invasive, highly accurate method to detect the early signs of cancer. Just one of our many treatment technologies.
  • Advanced Treatment

    Our dedicated team of licensed and certified professionals has the expertise and experience to deliver excellent treatment and care.
  • Modern Facilities

    Convenient locations in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, modern facilities with front door drop off and plenty of close up free parking... No getting lost in a large Hospital.
  • We utilize a wide array of advanced technologies including Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerators.

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Patient Forms

As a first time patient we have made it easy for you by offering health related forms online. A single file download contains all of the appropriate form(s) required. Simply print them out and bring them to your first appointment already completed. By offering you this option to print the forms in advance, you will be able to complete them at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Please print the forms on white paper only.